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Our mission is to empower women and teens to lift themselves out of poverty and into a financially secure future.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets


In 2011, we began a holiday dinner basket program to better serve the families that we sponsor.  Each Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas we provide everything needed for each family to prepare a complete meal.  9 years later and this program has grown and is going strong!  

In 2014, we implemented a Summer Lunch Program in one of our local RV parks, and it was a great success!  In 4 seasons, we served over 950 lunches to kids in need.  This program is aimed at kids 18 and younger, and was designed to fill the gap created by the loss of free or reduced-priced school lunches.  Unfortunately, due to delivery issues, we have suspended this program for the time being.  We will be working to gain volunteers to help distribute the lunches for the summer of 2020.

In 2018,  we began working on a new program aimed to get women and teens interested in a career in the trades! Working in construction is a great path to a secure financial future both for men and women alike.  Our goal is to introduce these kids to a career path that they haven't explored yet.  Our goal is to demonstrate a proven path to lift themselves out of poverty. To learn more about this program, click here.

In 2019, we were very excited to announce our partnership with Cintas Fire Protection's Auburn, WA office for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  Thanks to this merger, along with our individual donors, we more than doubled our reach this year.  Providing food baskets for 18 families, including gifts for 32 kids!! 

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