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By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

We had a great meeting on the 16th!  The menu has been finalized, with the exception of a baked hashbrown recipe and we are still undecided on the sausages.  The menu will include French Toast, a Christmas Breakfast Casserole (made with eggs, cheese and bacon), hashbrowns and fresh fruit.  For substitutions, we will offer pancakes, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and a 'Piggy Bake' (made with sausage and corn bread).  We will also have milk, orange and apple juice, coffee and tea.

We met two new volunteers at this month's meeting!  A Senior at White River joined the group along with her mom!  So great to know that the word is getting out to the high school students.  Hopefully we will be overcome with Juniors and Seniors at the meeting on...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

Well, I've finally gotten settled after the move and have my internet connection again.  =)  I've been busy getting ready for the meeting this Thursday, as well as working on our sponsorship requests.  I've also had to hold off, twice now, on mailing off the donation request letters.  While everything looks wonderful in Word, the printed piece from FedEx is cut off.....again.  Very frustrating.  I have completed revising them for the third time, and hope to get them printed and in the mail on Thursday.

Better news - I have stumbled across the most perfect Christmas take-home gift idea for the bread baskets:
Pies and cakes baked inside of jelly jars!

My idea is to use half-pint canning jars to make individual pies for each family member - and t...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

I was mistaken.  We are actually getting help from both the Junior and the Senior classes from White River!  So excited to see just how many volunteers we might get from this partnership!  We have sent a flyer to the school to be distributed among the students.  We've also updated this website to include a page to welcome them and tell them a little bit about what they will be doing.

The donation request letters are going into the mail on Tuesday, as Monday is Labor Day.  All mailed responses will be sent to our Secretary-Treasurer, Carol - although I hope to follow up with each contact by phone about a week after mailing.  I will also ask our Secretary to be our Registered Agent at our September 16th meeting.  My new address is unsecure, an...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

I got a call this morning from the high school.  We have the approval to recruit the junior class to help with our Christmas Brunch.  

The juniors will be working towards credit for their Senior Project.  We will provide many different opportunities for them to volunteer, such as on the serving, decorating or clean-up committees.  There will also be two days where we will be collecting branches and making swags for those who cannot volunteer during the actual holidays.

I am making up a flyer to be distributed tomorrow at the high school.  We are inviting all interested to join us at our September 16th meeting.