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By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

Well, we have had a very busy month!  First of all, our master business application has been processed and approved and we are now licensed in the great state of Washington!  Next we will be filing with the Secretary of State's Charity Program.

As for the jelly jar pies.....they now have become the jelly jar CAKES!  lol  The half pint jars were a little too deep to fit the crust into and get it uniformly along the bottoms.  We have decided to switch to cakes, which will not only be a lot easier to make, but will also be less expensive, as one box of cake mix will fill about 6 jars.  While I am still open to trying the pies again next year...we will most likely use quarter pint jars instead.

We had a great meeting on the 21st - and met 3 new v...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

We have a lot to discuss at this month's meeting this Thursday!  To start things off.....the Marion Grange has given a cash donation of $200 to help with the cost of our Christmas Brunch, as well as given us four new volunteers!  Thanks so much to Stacy Nicoletta, Marion Grange Secretary, for securing both the hall and the donation for us!

I have filed our master business application with the state and should hear something by the time of our meeting.  We have also changed our registered agent to Carol Yeaman, our Secretary-Treasurer, and will be signing and mailing the form to update the Secretary of State on Thursday.

We have our first dozen half pint jelly jars, and I am currently trying out recipes for our apple pies.  I will bring a samp...