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By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

Well, our Christmas Brunch was very small, but a success nonetheless!  We considered it a practice run, and learned a lot.  First of all, I need to make sure I have a ride that will guarantee that I am there on time, as a half hour late would have been disastrous had there actually been people lined up at the door at 10am.  We also decided that a brunch was a little too early for folks on Christmas day, and will hold dinners from now on.  I also think a traditional meal would attract a lot more people who can't make one themselves at home.  French toast doesn't really replace a turkey with all the trimmings!

So for Easter, we will hold a dinner, from approximately 3-5pm (time to be finalized at our next meeting), and offer a ham with all the...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

Our meeting on December 18th was by far the best! It was nice to see so many new faces there!  We covered the shifts and positions that were still needed, and I'm very happy to report that all have been filled!  Now to get more people signed up to attend the Brunch!

To do that, we will be contacting local food banks and visit the RV park in Buckley on Monday.  We will have tickets printed out and will leave some with the food banks for distribution to families who come to them for help this week.  We only have a few days to do this, but I have no doubt in my mind that we will have plenty of people to serve.  This is the week where many will be stressing over what they will do for their children on Christmas, and we will be there to offer a s...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

Yikes!!  I let November slip by without a single update - the month just went by so fast!  And sooo much has happened!

First of all - we opened our first bank account and deposited that wonderful check from the Marion Grange!  We also started a fundraiser with PartyLite and made our next 3 deposits from those sales!

We have been featured in both the Bonney Lake and Enumclaw Courier Herald papers!  While they mostly focused on me, which wasn't my intention, the organization was still a huge part of it.  That exposure has helped to spread the word and bring in more volunteers!

We are also starting an Avon fundraiser, and we will begin selling those items this weekend, December 4th and 5th, at the Rose's IGA Food Center in Buckley.  Our first Par...