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By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

I have finished the request letters and finally have them ready for printing.  I'm going to print them at FedEx because I love their printer, and they have different kinds of paper to choose from.  Since these will not be printed on letterhead, but rather include it...I want them to look as professional as possible.  I will get them printed out tomorrow.  I talked to our Secretary-Treasurer, and we have now set it up to use her address to receive any mail for the organization, so we are all set.  We know that this is all very late in the year for donations, but we are prepared to handle the worst-case scenario of zero donations.  Luckily, this event can be pulled off nicely for under $200, we would just have to cut back on some extras, but ...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

I designed a template to use as our letterhead, and have created drafts for all board members. I have all of the donation letters set up with the new letterhead and ready to be printed.  Still have to decide if I'm going to get a PO Box to accept mail at, or if it might be possible for Carol to receive everything.  Should know tomorrow for sure.  Then it's simply a matter of mailing off the letters and folllowing up with phone calls the next week.

Next is to finalize the fiscal sponsorship request letters and to get them ready for mailing.  I will also be contacting the White River High School's social worker to request that Juniors be allowed to participate in the Brunch for their Senior project.

Lots and lots to do this next month.  Time is...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

I've been working on designing a new company letterhead.  I still have 10 sheets that I ordered through Vistaprint, but I need alot more and don't see the point in paying any more when I can design and print them myself.

Carol, our Secretary-Treasurer, will be back from vacation tomorrow.  I need to contact her to see how we want to handle the donation letter replies. Since she is the secretary, it makes sense to use her address.  As long as the post office doesn't mind.  lol

The peppermint patty machine that I had traded for lables arrived broken and does not vend very well - so I'm working on exchanging it for another triple-head candy machine.  One is on it's way now - but I'm hoping for another.  Tanning salons do wonderful - and the apar...