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By: Nikki | March 14, 2017

Easter is coming up fast!  So far we only have one family, a couple, actually.  We have sponsored their youngest kid, but they have since moved out.  Since our focus is on women and teens, we still help out the mother at the holidays.   
Got a bit off track...

We have some items left over from our Christmas Baskets, so our Easter donation requests will be very short, if at all, this year.  =)  So thankful to our donors in 2016 for all of their help! 

Today I had to go to Renton to pick up an 'Ambassador bag' for some upcoming high school job fairs.  It made me think of our floundering little trades program and all the things I wish I could do with it.  

One thing I've always wanted to do is to start a shelter for women suffering from domestic violence.  Another thing I've always wanted to do was to show women, who are stuck in bad relationships and believe they have no future...that they DO have a very real way to support themselves if they break free.  If I can do it, so can you kinda thing.  But being a social leper makes it very difficult to meet and reach out to women who are currently in that situation.

Ramble, ramble...

So, today it occurred to me that it would be very cool, and I kinda think it just also might be possible, to combine the two.  Why not a shelter that teaches women some basic hand tool skills and connects them to programs like ANEW while giving them a safe place to start over?  We could even offer to take women from other states who need to get away.  

Anyway...that would be awesome.  Big dreams, I know.  But what good is living without them?  ;-)

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