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By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

Our Christmas Dinner Basket program helped to provide dinner for 2 families this year.  While we consider this year to be a success, it was only by the skin of our teeth that we were able to get everything done in time.  

We found ourselves approaching Christmas Eve without having received a single donated item.  On December 23rd, my neighbor, Zan, offered to donate as much as she could, knowing that we still hadn't received any help.  Thanks to her help, she provided 90% of the items needed for one of our sponsored families!

But that still left a few items for that family, and an entire dinner needed for our 2nd family.  I can only say that I am doubly thankful for the food stamps that I received in December. Because not only did they provide my family with dinner this past Christmas, but they also provided the rest of the food needed to serve both of our sponsored families.

Our other problem that we ran into this year was when, for our very last meeting before Christmas Eve, not one volunteer showed up. We were to divide the cooking duties between us to make things easier on everyone.  Luckily, I didn't have any plans for the 23rd or most of Christmas Eve, so I took over the meal preparations, as well as figuring out how to deal with our lack of donations.  This was the first year we were delivering fully cooked meals, and I was in a little bit over my head...but finished up and made the deliveries during the late evening of Christmas Eve.
This experience reminded me that I just can't do this alone.  Somehow I have to get others involved and committed to our cause.  For the Christmas of 2014, we had only one other board member actively participating, as well as one volunteer.  And when they were prevented from helping at the end, it all fell to me.  As much as I'd like to say, "I've got this.", I simply don't have the money, time or resources to help other families on my own.

We are in desperate need of volunteers.  At this time, our projects and events are small and don't require a lot of effort, but they do require more than one person be involved.  This Easter, we will be serving at least the 2 families that we sponsored for Christmas, and hopefully a few others.  If you would like to volunteer your time or services, please call or email me at:

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