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By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

So much has happened since my last post!  We ran the Summer Lunch Program for our 2nd year in a row, delivering approximately 450 lunches to kids in need.  That's over 900 lunches in 2 years!  This is where I owe a huge THANK YOU to my daughter, Tiffany (aka Allison).  Since I was working day shift this past summer, she was stuck with running the entire program on her own.  From making the sandwiches to the delivery 5 days a week.  One of the perks of being my kid. ;-)

We just went through the 2015 holiday season.  Thanksgiving saw more donations than ever and we had everything on our list to give to each family!  Christmas was a bit more worrisome.  Donations were very slow to come in, and we were saved at the very last minute by a very swe...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

We are piloting a new program aimed at getting low-income kids into the trades.  With my construction experience, and the information I've researched, I've realized that a career in construction could very well be a way out for these kids. Especially the ones who have given up hope for any life better than the one they've always known. 

Every apprenticeship I've looked into, from electrical to painting to sheetmetal to laborers, pays over $17 TO START.  Most kids living in poverty have parents making minimum wage, and don't have much hope of doing any better.  My goal is to open their eyes to a world they may not know even exists. To show them that they can have financial security. No matter where they come from. To give them an alternative ...

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

We were successful in providing a complete Easter dinner to 2 families this year, one of which was fully cooked!  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were also able to provide a pancake breakfast as well!  Looking forward to Thanksgiving already. =)

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

This year we will be providing everything needed for a complete Easter dinner to serve at least 2 families.  While we always hope to reach out to more people, we are grateful to be able to serve anyone at all.

If you are, or know of, a family in need of our services this Easter, please contact us using one of the methods listed below.

We will be providing the following, and therefore are asking for donations of these items:

Stuffing Mix
Jarred/Canned Brown Gravy
Canned Sweet Potatoes
Mini Marshmallows
Frozen Vegetables
Cranberry Sauce
Dinner Rolls
Canned Pineapple
Brown Sugar
Apple Pie Filling

If you are able to donate any of these items, please call or email me at:
(253) 697-0004

By: Nikki | December 27, 2016

Our Christmas Dinner Basket program helped to provide dinner for 2 families this year.  While we consider this year to be a success, it was only by the skin of our teeth that we were able to get everything done in time.  

We found ourselves approaching Christmas Eve without having received a single donated item.  On December 23rd, my neighbor, Zan, offered to donate as much as she could, knowing that we still hadn't received any help.  Thanks to her help, she provided 90% of the items needed for one of our sponsored families!

But that still left a few items for that family, and an entire dinner needed for our 2nd family.  I can only say that I am doubly thankful for the food stamps that I received in December. Because not only did they provid...