An organization dedicated to helping others.

2019 Holiday Season

We are gearing up for Christmas!!

This year we will partner once again with
Cintas Fire Protection to gather donations
for local needy families!

Please join with us to help
as many families as possible!

Our goal is to fill Christmas dinner baskets with everything needed to prepare a wonderful and complete holiday meal
for at least 15 families this year!

Our Shared Hopes focuses on families who have fallen through the gap, and cannot obtain help from other agencies.
Most of the families we sponsor live in the same RV park.

These families have very limited or no means of transportation. Their housing is listed as substandard, yet they don't qualify for relocation services, since they aren't technically homeless.
The holidays always seems to come at the end of the month,
after the food stamps have run out. Finding a ride to a food bank can be difficult when most of your neighbors
are in the same boat.

In the midst of all this, 
there are little ones wishing for Santa Claus
and Christmas dinner. 

Please help us fill children's hearts and bellies this Christmas
by making a donation using one of the methods listed here,
or by donating an item from the list below.

Thank you for your support!

We are currently seeking the following items for Christmas:


Small Ham/Turkey
Bagged Russet Potatoes
Stuffing Mix
Canned/Jarred Gravy
Cranberry Sauce
Canned Yams


Brown Sugar
Dinner Rolls
Sparkling Cider
Aluminum Pans w/lids
Aluminum Foil
Pre-made Pie
Whipped Cream